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Outdoor Treks 4X4We have been involved with 4X4 off road at all levels; beginning from being a competitor to organising off road events, exhibition driving, leading expeditions and more recently conducting training.  


Our training syllabus has been developed both from practical experiences in going off road and also with academic research and study.


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Objectives of the training

Therefore it is needful to have an off road skills training course so that drivers would know:

  • The capabilities of their vehicles
  • Know how to drive off road
  • How not to get into trouble (e.g. stuck in sand or mud)
  • Able to recover their vehicle in case they do get stuck
  • Drive in a manner that is safe for everyone


Course outline and duration

This is a 6 hour course which runs from 9am to 4 pm. Topics include:

  1. Is your vehicle really FOUR wheel drive?
  2. Which 4X4?
  3. Basic convoy rules
  4. Ascends and descends
  5. Entry, exit and humps
  6. Mud and soft sand
  7. Water crossing
  8. Cross axle
  9. Recovery (static, kinetic and winching)
  10. Safety first
  11. The Basic off road kit


Course methodology

Instruction would be given in theory, followed by practical demonstration. Those interested may tryout their new found skills by overcoming obstacles under the guidance of the instructors. A course handbook would be given to participants.


What do you need to join the training:

  • A suitable 4 wheel drive vehicle
  • Personal interest and enthusiasm
  • An adventurous spirit



For more information, please contact:

Malcolm Jitam, h/p: +6012 888 6460

email: borneo4x4@gmail.com (cut and paste email address, to prevent spam)


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